Meet Hammie, the simplified anatomical model.

First of his kind

Hammie’s posable spine and legs allow you to simulate almost any body position.

A unique teaching tool

Hammie is your new best friend for teaching professionals, clients, families, and caregivers about postural problems.

A greater good

Each purchase of Hammie supports Eleanore’s Project, a non-profit supporting children and families with disabilities in Peru.

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Handmade in the US

Hammie is manufactured and assembled in the United States.

Why Hammie?

“There must be a way to communicate how tight hamstrings can cause poor sitting posture without needing to use a common spoken language or medical jargon”. – T. Sammie Wakefield, OTR-L/ATP (retired)

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Videos + Resources

Introduction to Hammie: History, Value, and Example

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Flexed hip distortion slides

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Around the world with Hammie

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