Meet Hammie, the simplified anatomical model.

About Hammie

One of a kind

Unlike any other tool, Hammie’s posable spine and legs allow you to simulate almost any body position.

A unique teaching tool

Hammie is your new best friend for teaching professionals, clients, families, and caregivers about postural problems.

A greater good

Each purchase of Hammie supports Eleanore’s Project, a non-profit supporting children and families with disabilities in Peru.

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Handmade in the USA

Hammie is manufactured and assembled in the United States.

Why Hammie?

It all started with the need to help non-medical people understand posture…

“There must be a way to communicate how tight hamstrings can cause poor sitting posture without needing to use a common spoken language or medical jargon”.
– T. Sammie Wakefield, OTR-L/ATP (retired), inventor of Hammie

Read about the history of Hammie (PDF)

What can Hammie do for you?

Hammie’s flexible spine and chest allow demonstration of posture problems like scoliosis, kyphosis, chest rotation and flattening. Help every team member understand complex issues around seating and positioning, and ways they can be mitigated or improved.

Hammie’s flexible lower body with hamstring, psoas major, quadricep strings and asymmetrical hip flexion switch allows real-time simulation of posture problems that must be understood for effective positioning interventions.

Videos + Resources

Introduction to Hammie: History, Value, and Example

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Hammie Upgrade Demo

Applying the chest and arms

Flexed hip distortion slides

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Around the world with Hammie

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Hammie (v2)

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Hammie (v2) comes with a chest and arms already installed.

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